The low down

It’s been a while since my last post and to be honest it’s taken me the best part of a week to write this, now please don’t judge but I’m going to let you in on what’s been going on with me, my life and family over the last year.

Over the last 9 months me, my partner, thing 1 and thing 2 have been moving around a lot. When I say a lot I mean 5 times in the space of 6 months!

First of all we were in a less than ideal situation as I was then 5 months pregnant, I had my other little girl with me and it wasn’t fair on my partners family having us all under their roof. So we needed a home and went to our local council for help. We were placed in a one bedroom B&B on the ground floor, now don’t get me wrong it’s lovely in comparison to being homeless. However the four of us or rather three of us and a huge bump in one room… you can imagine it can’t you! It wasn’t too bad however all cooking facilities where two floors up, there was no privacy and to top it off it was where the council also housed drug addicts and alcoholics.

Roll on 8 weeks I was getting just that little more stressed with it all so I decided to look into the council policies for pregnant women in B&B’s and low and behold it was against their own policy to keep us there and it also stated we should be a priority case to get housed.

As soon as mentioned this to them the swiftly moved us to a one bedroom flat, yes it had cooking facilities on the same level and some form of heating, however it was horrible.

We were told we would need ground floor due to my condition as I can’t use stairs very well if at all when I have an episode and there where stairs into the property. It was on the most roughest part of town on a main road and ridden with rats.

Roll on another 10 weeks and they decided to move us again this time to a two bedroom ground floor flat. Again this property had steps to it too! What part of I cannot do stairs or steps do they not understand!

Each and every time we moved until this point we where given a total of one day to move! And each and every time we moved due to the council being incompetent we had to fit the bill:

Van hire, boxes, people to help move, rugs, carpets, lighting. Yep we had to do it all. I know I may sound selfish and bitchy but when your at rock bottom you don’t really give two hoots.

We have currently be told we have to move again this time to our permanent home yay! But again it comes at another cost, and total that in with trying to get everything moved by three days time with little or no notice well you can imagine the stress.

I think that the council think we’re going to ride there on a magic carpet and bust out some weird Harry Potter wand tricks to move our stuff. It’s bad enough moving once let alone 4 times in 5 months. Also moving with children is not fun!

On the upside I have been told I can have my chickens now which I am delighted about!

So for those of you that look down your nose at people in social house it’s not all rainbows and unicorns you know, it’s taken blood sweat and tears to get where we are now and it’s been hard – really hard. I would also like to say we both work so we get no benefits so we pay for everything.

As far as I’m concerned the whole housing allocation need to change, those that won’t work should be made to do voluntary work or they won’t get help house wise, those that have addictions should go to rehab before given a house, and those that were not born in this country or rather have come over for a better quality of life should not be on the housing lists unless they can show they have a visa and are working!

I know this may get some people’s backs up but really and honestly I don’t care.

It makes my blood boil hearing how one of my housing officers clients abandoned her property and then was given a brand spangly newly built house courtesy of the council when she turned the first house into something unliveable, when we have been waiting for what seems like ages, with children too!



Red Bow Boudoir Shoot!

Oh my goodness I have to tell you about this amazing company! However I may be slightly biased as my sister has had one of these shoot done and is now a brand ambassador for them.

Plus I entered a raffle to win a photo shoot worth £250 and I only went and won it!

I’m currently waiting to book in and have the shoot but I can’t wait! I’ve heard nothing but fantastic things about the lovely ladies who do the shoots and their portfolio looks amazing!

I think this photo shoot will help with the PND, sounds daft but it’s kind of like a pamper day and you can see the images after the shoot.

I’ll do another post once I’ve had the shoot and maybe show some sneaky peaks of the photos too.

Here’s their website if you gals want to have a look or guys if you want to treat your other half (especially those who have had children, come on we deserve it! We’ve just pushed a melon out of a tiny hole!!!)

Red Bow Boudoir

So thank you Red Bow I literally can not wait! It’s given me something to look forward to just for myself.


Long time coming

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted, things have been somewhat busy!

Thing 1 has been off of school for half term over Easter, it’s been my birthday (yes another year older) and amongst all of that I have been trying to save money left right and centre.

I’m quite proud of myself for getting 6 months worth of washing powder/capsules and fabric softener for next to nothing as I had over £30 in coupons!

I’ve posted before on where to find them and seeing as I haven’t really focused on couponing for a while the last two weeks have mainly been spent finding them.

I have also been diagnosed with postnatal depression which I am finally getting the help I need and I can’t thank my family, my partners family and of course my partner for all of their support. It’s hard, with a new baby (well not that new) trying to do things that I would normally do, even having a bath. I think I went a total of 5 days without going out and wearing the same clothes again. I looked like a hobo! But I’m trying to go out more go and do things little by little everyday even if it is just washing and getting dressed this are my little accomplishments for the day, and I’m proud of them!

This is only a short post to let you know I’m alive and all is well 🙂

Take care!


Got milk?

Recently I’ve been feeling like thing 2 isn’t feeding that much. I seem to remember thing 1 going through this faze when she was about the same age and it scared the hell out of me!

From day one when you find out your going to have a little bundle of joy you worry, you worry because you can’t see what’s going on in there or because you can’t feel them move yet. Then when they finally make their big appearance you worry that there’s something wrong because they cry all the time and then when they stop you worry because they’ve stopped!

I never use to worry so much until I had children, and the struggle is real folks sometimes the anxiety of what could happen is really crippling, I get why some mums smother their children now. And I don’t know how those families with poorly babba’s and little ones cope, I would be a blubbering mess I really would be.

I’m one of those people that can walk into a room and look around to see a glass on the table then my mind makes this whole story about how if the glass fell of the table, it would hit the floor and do one of two things; smash and glass would go everywhere and I’d cut myself or the children would or; it would roll across the floor I’d step on it or thing 1 would and then fall over head butt the table and knock herself out.

Yes I know all of that just from looking at a glass on a table, and that’s not even the weirdest part of imagine that within seconds of seeing it. This is one of the things that no one tells you before becoming a parent, the worrying doesn’t stop…

if I could of given future me advise back on the day I would of told myself prepare for what you can, and for what you can’t don’t worry.

I’m trying hard not to worry at every little thing but since having a second child it’s brought it all up again, feel free to comment with any tips and I’ll try them and post next week on what worked 🙂


Look after the pennies

So I promised some cheap money saving recipes and ideas, with out further a-due here they are!

Money saving tips

Coupons – I check online every day for new coupons that may be available, most of which you can print multiples of. Here are some links to the sites I use:



Money Saving Expert

It’s worth going through supermarket prices when you get a good coupon because sometimes you can get the product for free and sometimes you can even get overage!

Plan your meals – I use a weekly meal planner with a shopping list on the side so I can work out exactly what I need and how much it will cost before going to the shop.

Research – if you haven’t got it already I’d recommend downloading the my supermarket app which available on Android and iOS, you can create a shopping list and price check it against all major supermarkets in the UK.

Supermarket magazines – Always pick up the supermarket own free magazine, Tesco’s usually have coupons right in the front and also throughout the mag. Sainsbury’s one you have to purchase so check out what coupons they have in them to see if it’s warrant the spend.

Supermarket price guarantees – this ones worth checking especially if you shop in Asda a lot, always check your recipes on their website to see if your shop was cheaper else where if it was then they’ll give you the difference plus 10% back in the form of a voucher.

Try my love me – Asda also have this brilliant thing called try me love me, in short this means if you don’t like the product or it’s not up to your standards they will refund you the item and also replace it for the brand equivalent! I tried their little angel brand nappies and wasn’t happy and even though I had used a whole packet they refunded me every packet I had purchased and replaced them with the equivalent in pampers nappies which meant I got more nappies totally free!

These are just a few of the tips and ways I work to get value for money to provide for my family of four. I’ll be posting the cheap meal recipes in another post so stay tuned!


Get up and go

Yesterday I forced myself to go out. Which involved actually having a bath (yes it’s not my birthday nearly but not yet) and getting dressed. So me and thing 2 went out to a baby class, yes I did the typical mum thing. We went to baby massage at our local children’s centre and in honesty it wasn’t as stressful as what I thought it would be plus thing 2 absolutely loved it!

However today I’ve been stuck in doors all day, bored but not really wanting to go out, not really wanting to do anything really.

My motivation seems to have done a runner along with my sanity.

But overall it’s been an ok day, thing 2 actually giggled at me for the first time without me having to tickle her!

Now I’m currently writing out my shopping list for the week and I’ve stumbled across my old meal plans I used to use along with my money saving meals, keep your eyes peels as I’ll be posting some of them shortly 🙂


Boobs, tums and bums

The struggle is real folks, not only do you go through 9 months of constantly out growing clothes to then trying to fit back into your pre-pregnancy ones… to then find none of them fit you. Then when you finally find ones that fit you, you find it’s impossible to breastfeed in them!

The choices of clothes for breastfeeding mums have become very if not impossibly hard to find!

Yea sure jeans etc… are fine but those lovely little sexy t-shirts or blouses are a no go if your breastfeeding.

Don’t get me wrong I love breastfeeding and am totally for it, but I don’t want to sit there in a public place with my baps hanging out, nor do I want to have to cover up my baby girl in the process.

So far I found a total of three places online to by breastfeeding friendly clothes however they all seem grumpy and huge, I’m 4ft 11 so need petit clothes, can I find any anywhere? Can I hell! It was the same when I was pregnant trying to find clothes that fit over the bump and also in the leg, one thing I can say though is that mothercare had the best selection of maternity clothing for short ladies 🙂

If anyone comes across any breastfeeding friendly clothes readily available then feel free to email me!


Toodle PIP

There are some things that you may not know about me yet as I’ve not mentioned them before on here, or if you seen some of my Facebook posts over the last few month you may wonder what is wrong with me.

I finally called the PIP claim line again to get more paper work sent out so I can fully submit my claim as my condition seems to be getting more frequent and worse.

Let me tell you about a thing called Dystonia, now this condition effects people in different way, there are so many variations that sometimes one individual with the disease can have it for a short period of time and another individual will have it for how ever long.

The long and short of it is basically involuntary muscle spasms, which can cause jerking like movements or the whole muscle completely tightening without relaxing for a length of time.

Currently my dystonia causes both. Other symptoms can be stuttering, tremors and being bent into different positions (not sure if that’s the correct term!).

I have what is called cervical dystonia which causes the muscles in my neck, top of my back, right shoulder and arm to be affected. Basically when I have an episode you may see me with my head bent to the right looking up or looking down depending on which way the muscles are tightening, I can’t move my right arm properly and I need a lot of help getting in and out of chairs, out of bed, getting dressed and even washing myself. Oh and it plays havoc with my speech, I end up doing obscure sign language with the other half as I can’t talk without a bad stutter!

While I was pregnant it got worse and my right leg and hip are also now cramping up and I find it hard to move when I have a big episode, trust me it’s no fun at all, anything that falls on the floor is dead to me.

I don’t know why I’m posting this I just thought I’d let you know what dystonia is and if you read about me going on about the neck pain this is what it is.

Usually it takes a few weeks to a month until I’m back to normal so these episodes happen quite often. Some people think I put it on, trust me when I say if I could why the hell would I be putting my self through that much pain! There has been days where my partner has had to carry me out of bed screaming in agony just so I can go to the loo.

But fingers crossed now I can get the right equipment at home to help me help myself during these episodes, yay!

This isn’t a sympathy vote post by the way, it’s more of an awareness post, dystonia is so common yet nobody really knows about it.

So let’s raise awareness for it please visit the dystonia website below if you wish to donate or research it for yourself 🙂

Take care


Me, my self and I

It’s amazing when your pregnant everyone is always asking oh when’s it due? How far gone are you? I can’t wait to see the baby!

But that’s in most cases the extent to what most people who are constantly asking you these questions will do, ask questions, and then not speak to you for month on end once you’ve had the baby.

I once asked a friend why she didn’t reply to my message or come round when I had invited her over and the response I got was astonishing… “you’ve changed” was the supplier version of what she said. I mean yes in some ways I have changed, I’ve had to grow up a bit I can’t go out all the time now unless I bring thing 1&2 along for the ride but I just don’t understand what she expected.

The harsh truth of it seems to me is that I’m not there for the midnight booze inflicted phone calls, the drunken escapades, or just generally going out every day or night now.

It’s sad to find out that your friends aren’t your real friends once you have a family, and sometimes it’s the loneliest things in the world.

This isn’t aimed at anyone just to note it’s more of a be warned/prepared for the social abandonment when the time comes, and when it does in honesty I don’t mind a message or two 🙂 even if it helps one person feel free to message me and we’ll have a good old session about it 🙂


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